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Hello, and ‘welcome’ to the ‘Walking the RED Carpet’ HOME page.

Current this page is under construction, and we kindly invite you to contact us with any questions related to our products and service by sending us an email to:


Meanwhile have a quick look at these bullet points below where a few advantages are listed of what ‘Walking your Own Inner Carpet’ could do for you.

Thank you for your interest, and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

To your success ! …

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  • Discover the real value of your own contribution in life and work
  • Develop a strong sense of purpose in life and make that dream come true
  • Walk through your daily life being proud of who you are under any circumstance
  • Give yourself the appreciation for what you do and have already accomplished
  • Know that all you need is to be found within yourself
  • Stand in your own power and share your gifts with others
  • Handle difficulty with ease and an inner smile by accepting what is,
    for what it is…



Christiaan Oranje - The Aquarian Coach -

Quantum Business Coach
Wealthness Officer
Change Agent
Transformational Speaker
Soulmatters Mentor

Founder of Walking The RED Carpet
Author of 'Be on TOP of The W.A.V.E!'



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